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Positive Perspectives: supporting young people with their mental health
Monday 27th January 2020

A recurring theme for mentors working on Empowering Enterprise is the struggle for participants to maintain good mental health. With this in mind, preparations are underway for a conference to be held on 26 February in Exeter aimed at professionals working with young adults which will offer a range of perspectives on some of the issues young people face and how to overcome them. 

Called Positive Perspectives. the event is for anyone working with young adults aged 16 plus who helps young people to cope with the ups and downs of early adulthood, from finding employment to dealing with housing issues or engaging with education. Speakers will share a range of ideas on themes of technology, gender identity, ecotherapy and building inner resilience. We have already attracted delegates from a wide range of settings across the county including youth workers, educators and public services as well as mental health specialists. There will be plenty of opportunity for attendees to share their own experiences so we hope that they can take away ideas and connections that will impact on their own work. 

To book a place or access further details, visit the event's Eventbrite page.