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Positive Perspectives - A Positive Day
Thursday 27th February 2020

At the end of February Empowering Enterprise hosted our Positive Perspectives Conference in Exeter, which successfully brought together youth workers, managers and educators to hear about how they can help the young people they work with to maintain good mental health.

Delegates heard from speakers on a diverse range of topics:

  • Coach and trainer Liz Scott with Inner Compass spoke about how we can all view wellbeing differently and tap into our in-built resilience.
  • Max and Maya at Proud2Be talked about the LGBTQ+ community and the difference it can make to a young person if they experience understanding and acceptance from supportive adults.
  • Tim Powell-Morris from Simply Great Media looked at the transformative power of technology.
  • Nikki Markham at Work Skills South West showed delegates the benefits of nature based interventions.

It was also a chance for mentors and managers within the Empowering Enterprise partnership to get to know other professionals working for support services so that they could come away from the event with fresh ideas and new connections that will benefit young people across the region.