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Helping communities during the Covid19 pandemic
Monday 4th May 2020

The Covid19 pandemic has thrown up so many challenges including how to make sure that you have access to accurate and accessible information on the virus and how to adapt to changing ways of communicating with each other. Empowering Enterprise partner Open Doors International Language School (ODILS) works with participants who have English as a second language who have the additional complication of getting over the language barrier. 

The team at ODILS has been working with their students to produce a range of videos that translate key messages so that others in the immigrant community can keep up to date with government advice and continue to connect with services. Empowering Enterprise participants have been involved in translating advice on social distancing, celebrating Ramadan safely and how to download apps like Zoom to your phone. Languages include Arabic, Sorani, Bengali, Bulgarian and Romanian and all videos are available on their YouTube channel.