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Arcadia - a gaming tournament open to all
Thursday 11th June 2020


Empowering Enterprise participants with Eat That Frog brought young people across Torbay together to for Arcadia, a gaming tournament open to all. The event was the idea of Antony, who wanted to help people socialise through a shared interest in video games and provide an opportunity for players of all skill levels to meet up and learn from each other.  Helped by a team of young people, they honed their event organising skills sourcing a venue, equipment, publicising the event and making sure that everyone could take part safely and respectfully. The day was a complete success, with attendees battling each other at games like Super Smash Brothers Ultimate and introductory sessions for tabletop game D&D. Eat That Frog plan to hold similar events in the future and Antony is hoping to develop his ideas further with help from The Prince's Trust.