Helpful Information

From tips on how clever budgeting can help you save the planet as well as your money to advice on mental health, we have put together a toolkit of helpful information on the things that matter to us. We cover money, environment, equality and wellness and more. Many of these resources have been created by Empowering Enterprise participants and other links are for organisations we admire and trust.

These beautiful designs have been created by Empowering Enterprise participant Hayley.

Use this guide to understand how the language you use can create a a sense of empowerment and pride and how to avoid unintentional offence.

A useful guide to the terminology used by the LGBTQ+ community.

We want Empowering Enterprise to be a welcoming project for all, whatever their gender.

A handy card to help autistic people to tell others about their anxiety.

Being in debt can be stressful, but you should never just bury your head in the sand. Here are some positive tips on how you can manage your money and work to reduce your debts.

Sharing a conversation helps us to make friendships and understand each other but this can be more difficult if you don't speak the same language.

If you are a mentor working with someone with Autistic Spectrum Condition this helpful guide can advise how to adjust your practice to best meet their needs.

Use this handy guide on planning a week of healthy meals that will cost you less than £20 for a whole week's shopping! Complete with a shopping list and links to information on healthy eating.

For anyone who wants a go at hassle-free growing on their windowsill.